God’s Mystery Jaap Durand

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The story of science and mystical faith

Jaap Durand leads us on a journey through the most important Western schools of thought on the relation between faith and science. Scientific discoveries since the 17th century highlight the staggering complexity of life and the universe. Thoughtful believers have gained new insight into their faith in response to this expanding scientific vision.

In this book:

  • We are taken on a journey through the development of some of the most important viewpoints on the relation between faith and science down the centuries.
  • ·      We explore challenges that scientific discoveries present to faith, and the implications of these challenges for depth of understanding.
  • ·      Above all, we are given new insights into genuine faith and its uncompromising respect for truth.

Durand leads us to see that faith and science together can inspire a song of praise to God.


  • Written by a well-known and award-winning theologian in a reader-friendly and gripping style.
  • This book helps us to look in a positive way to many of the new schools of thought and discoveries of our time.
  • The author invites us to take on the challenges that scientific discoveries proposes to our faith and our view of scientific results today.
  • This book gives readers new insight in their own faith journey.


Jaap Durand has received many honours for his intellectual work. His background in theology and philosophy, together with his longstanding interest in the relation between science and faith, equips him exceptionally to lead readers in an exploration of science and mystical faith over the centuries.


  • Everyone with a special relationship with Jaap Durand.
  • Lecturers, ministers, students in theology.
  • Everyone who wants to be well informed to be able to think deeply about the relationship between faith and science.




  • God’s mystery, mystical faith and science
  • Greek mysticism and early Christianity
  • Christ-mysticism: from Augustine to Bernard of Clairvaux
  • Christ-oriented mysticism and the Enlightenment
  • The mysticism of Deism
  • Science and mystical faith in the age of relativity and astrophysics
  • Christ-mysticism and the hidden God

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Pages: 160

Category: Theology

ISBN: 9780864877987

Price: R155


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